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Travel Outboard Motors


Travel 603 S

The ALL NEW Travel 603S is the lightest member of the Travel series, suitable for inflatables and other small boats. It delivers 600 watts of input power in terms of propulsion and is comparable with a 2 HP petrol outboard. It is ultra-quiet, clean, and compact with silent direct drive, improved durability, instantaneous throttle response, and is completely waterproof (IP67). Thanks to the onboard computer with its GPS-based calculation of the remaining range, you always have your own travel guide with you. The Travel 603S has a 500Wh lithium-ion battery. Available in short shaft length only.

  • Total weight 15.5 kg

  • Shaft length: short 62.5 cm

  • Includes an onboard computer with GPS-based range calculation and a charger

  • 2-year warranty for non-commercial use


Travel 1103 C

2020 Model This 1103 C motor is a direct-drive design and is whisper-quiet with operation noise at just 33 dB. The 1103 C comes with a high-performance 915 Wh battery, which increases range by more than 73% over the base model battery. The new 1103 C also has 10% more power than other travel models, with a max output of 1,100 W. The 1103 C’s mount has been upgraded, and the motor’s aluminum pylon is also stronger delivering, increased protection from impact damage. The Travel 1103 C is suitable for boats up to 3,000 lbs.

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