$649  & $1,250  respectively 

BionX is a North American manufacturer and industry leader in electric-assist bicycle conversion kits for over a decade. What's electric-assist? It's your new best friend when it comes to pedaling up hills, against wind or in high temperatures. Not to mention when you're transporting that case of beer back to your boat!

Simply put, BionX will increases your pedal power by up to 300% and regenerates its electric lithium battery whenever you brake or go down hill. Or, push its throttle and do an all-electric cruise back to your boat. 

Interested in converting your bike to electric-assist?  
Contact us, before your beer gets warm! 


 ​TORQEEDO Torq trac 

  • Plug-n-play charging for Travel and Ultralight models.
  • No separate inverter or external charger necessary
  • Can be rolled up with protective casing for really easy transport and storage
  • Extremely weatherproof - for all weather conditions
  • Successfully tested in full salt water immersion, extremely durable,​ even under extreme conditions
  • High efficiency performance even in cloudy or partially shaded conditions
  • Environmentally friendly materials

Why not utilize the sun to top-off your Torqeedo Ultralight and Travel batteries by simply plugging the solar panel's cable into your battery's charging port - it's that simple.  $899  & $749  respectively 

​                                                   ELectric-Assist Bicycle converstion kits

​E-accessories for Land and Sea

Looking for the best grill on the market today? Then let's get you cookin' the electric way!

KENYON is QUALITY! And here's our favorite: Introducing the patented SilKEN® Portable Grill, a flameless and smokeless electric grill that incorporates a patent pending high temperature silicone lid...

                                Available in either knob-style or clean, electronic-style control 

                              Marine electric grills 

 12v Charging Cable for ​TORQEEDO electric outboards

​Torqeedo 45w and 50W solar-Assist

​Grilling up your favorite food has never been easier and safer as the silicone lid stays cool to the touch and prevents accidental burns.  The insulation quality of the silicone allows for quick and even heat so that your food is ready when you are.  Not enough room to store your grill?  The lid can collapse accordion-style to a height of two inches making it easier to tuck away in any convenient location.

Smartphone app with improved onboard computer functions. Suitable for Travel 503/1003, Ultralight, Cruise R and Cruise T models. Including data cable with bluetooth module to connect outboard and smartphone.

And yet another must-have Torqeedo convenience...Now your smart phone can be a your handheld monitor for you easy access to your motor's data.  $149.00 

Usage: The Electric Marina cable can be used 2 ways:
1.    ‘Charge while running’ w/on-board 12v external battery. In real terms that means that your first 40-45 watts (nominal) of power used is coming from the on-board 12 volt external battery.  Any additional power used above 40-45 watts is coming from the internal Lithium battery.  For a point of reference 40 watts of input power will yield approx. 2 mph in a lightweight dinghy. We recommend using a 12 volt AGM battery of at least 75ah capacity as your external source.  Other sizes and types will work, but we have tested this combination with good results.

2.    ‘DC direct charge from house bank’ while plugged into a cigarette lighter type 12v power outlet.  Works just like the OEM 120/220vac wall charger does. It will take 8-14 hours for a complete charge (depending on which battery you have).  The 12v charge cable will draw between 2.5 up to 3.5 amps from your 12v source for the entire time it is charging. Going direct to your 12v house bank is more efficient than going through your inverter or generator for input voltage.      

A must-have convenience... Torqeedo's 12volt charging cord for your Ultralight or Travel Electric Outboard Motors. Simply plug into your battery's charging port and then into your boat or car's 12 volt outlet. Only $44.99

Okay, you converted your dinghy with a Torqeedo electric outboard, and your boat with an Electric Yacht conversion, so why stop there? Go completely green with the addition of some electric-assist bicycles to get around at each port!