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  • Nancy F.

Duffy 21 Classic Electric Boat Available for Custom Design

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

People looking for a used electric boat don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to the look and feel. Often they end up settling for white-on-white vinyl interior cushions, a scalloped surrey top, and a motor system that hasn’t been updated for decades.

We have a 2000 Duffy 21 Classic hull available and ready for our professional vessel refit service — and we’re not talking about just adding colorful throw pillows and a new name on the transom. With a custom design selected and delivery date set, our clients can put an endpoint on their quest for the perfect electric boat and start making plans to enjoy it with friends and family.

The Duffy 21 Classic Refit Process starts with adding a steerable 4.3 kW electric steerable Piktronik pod-drive motor to replace the Duffy’s antiquated brushed-DC motor and twin power rudders. The steerable pod provides vast improvements to the Duffy’s maneuverability in tight quarters.

Next, we work to guide you through selecting the batteries that are best suited for how you plan to use your new electric boat. There’s lots of talk about lithium-ion vs. AGMs vs. Carbon vs. wet-cell “golf cart” batteries. We provide the facts (and dispel some fictions!) about each chemistry, so you can understand how it will fit with your needs.

Now it’s time for the fun part — interior and exterior! We work with yacht interior designers, canvas experts, and vinyl wrap technicians to get the exact look that you want. Sure, you can keep the white fiberglass center-line table with molded cupholders–but why, when you could have a custom wood table with an inlay of your choice? And vinyl is not final, unless you want it to be. The interior cushions can be upgraded to stain-resistant, faux leatherette. The integrated nonskid cabin sole (the interior deck area) can be fitted with a woven teak and holly other pattern mat or carpet. Remember, the sky’s the limit. If you want the interior of your boat to look like Elvis’s Jungle Room, we can do it.

Your custom Duffy 21 Classic can be stored on a trailer or in the water. We offer aluminum dual-axle trailers that are specifically made to properly support a Duffy. If you plan to leave your boat in the water and don’t have a need for a trailer, a delivery service can be arranged.

Refitting used electric boats is our specialty and our passion. To start your custom design of this electric boat, call us at (727) 517-5330 or


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